As someone who has now completed an entire season (including the European Championships) without watching a single game, I’m feeling quite a sense of satisfaction. The impressive thing here is that I used to be a football addict. However, as with most addictions it never completely leaves the system. But with this milestone behind me I can write as an authority on the subject. And I am able to recommend abstinence to all who wish to improve their quality of life.

Some friends, acquaintances and interviewers have admired my accomplishments over the last 10 months. Others though, have been surprisingly negative. They don’t seem to see the point of giving up something as exciting as football.

As for me, the benefits are screamingly obvious – amongst other things, the sheer amount of precious time gained. The arguments against me appear to be rooted in apathy and an acceptance that the game is an inseparable part of life. The objections are as follows:


  1. If I wasn’t addicted to football, I would just be addicted to something else.
  2. What’s the harm in it?
  3. What else am I going to do?
  4. There are worse things to be addicted to.
  5. It’s always been part of my life and it always will ยูฟ่าเบท be.
  6. My dad was a (name of team) supporter.
  7. Football is who I am. (They really mean watching football).


This combination of apathy and inevitability prevents people from grabbing hold of a perfectly good solution to their shortage of time. Oh they complain about not having enough time. But when, all of a sudden, claiming back time from sport is suggested, the excuses above are rolled out.

Losing ourselves in watching sport is a way of getting away from problems. However, problems mount when they are not faced. A family issue that is in need of settling is put off. Critical work related decisions that need to be made and implemented are purposely ignored. The stress we may have been trying to avoid is instead increased. Much can be said about getting our priorities right, but now I want to focus on how to make a start on the road to a more balanced life.

We like to see ourselves as individuals, people who can think for themselves. And yet when it comes to football many allow others to do their thinking for them. I appreciate this is a hard thing to admit, but if we can get past this stum