The Crusader Tank game is one of the leading tank games that is enjoyed by thousands of people all over the world, and if you’re a person who loves tanks, this probably is the best game for you out there. What makes Crusader Tank a very special game is its simple navigation. All you need to navigate your tank is the arrow 바카라사이트 buttons on your keyboard and the mouse buttons to fire!


· When the game starts, your tank will be automatically moving but you also have control over navigation. You can use the arrow keys to move the tank to left or right, and also the back-and-forth direction. You will be using the arrow keys extensively to save yourself from enemy missiles and firing.

· Left click of the mouse button fires a missile against your enemy. Sometimes, you have to deal with more than one tank and the situation can be really challenging. You can’t stay at a specific place while fighting your enemies because by staying idle, you are more exposed to missiles.

· You also have to bring down the enemy outposts and there are fuel tankers at random places. Crashing the fuel tanker can destroy your tank so you have to keep yourself away from them. Sometimes, the enemy tank can push you very close to the fuel storage and escaping can be really tough.