The easel stand is one of the most versatile yet overlooked display items available. In the home, the office, at a trade show or in the showroom, you can find innumerable uses for these decorative and functional stands. There are so many styles and sizes to choose from, you can easily find the one that is perfect for your needs.

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A decorative easel stand is ideal for displaying art in the home. While a painting or a poster gets lost or overlooked hanging on the wall and cannot be moved, it always stands out when it is on an easel.

Fine china, when displayed on a small stand on the mantel or a shelf, always attracts Easel Stand attention and admiration. What better way to display your wares if you are a gift shop or boutique owner?

There are decorative stands designed for large, coffee table sized art books. Using one of these is a fantastic way to decorate the house, because whenever you wish, you can simply turn to another page in the book and display another fine photograph or work of art. If you run a bookshop, featuring books on these stands is a sure way to increase sales.

In the office, a decorative easel stand is a great way to advertise your product or service. If you represent a brand name, an easel-mounted poster will stand out in the reception room far more than a wall mounted poster. It commands attention and draws the customer to it, while a poster on a wall will barely get a glance.

Are you looking for something to make your product stand out from the rest at a trade show? The easel stand is the proven means of promotion. The beauty of them is in their variety, portability and versatility. A large stand outside the premises will draw attention to your brand before customers even enter the show. Another one at your booth will show them where you are. Smaller versions can be used in many ways to display goods or hold promotional material.

Virtually any kind of business will profit from using the decorative easel stand. Anything that is displayed on one of these is guaranteed to attract attention, while a book, brochure or poster that is presented flat or hung on the wall will more often than not be overlooked. Since these appliances are either foldable or fully collapsible, they are easy to store or transport, too.